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Tips on How to Learn Dutch Faster

Learning a new language is challenging but incredibly rewarding. If you are a foreigner living in the Netherlands or planning to study in the country, learning Dutch will open up the culture and opportunities to you in ways that would be impossible otherwise. However, learning a new language can be an arduous process that comes with its own set of challenges. You may wonder how to go about it when you have to deal with grammar, new vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking confidence. Here are some tips on how to make the transition smoother and learn Dutch faster.

Tip 1 – Start Reading Dutch Magazines

One of the best ways to learn the Dutch language is to immerse yourself in the culture. The Netherlands has a rich history, and reading Dutch magazines can give you an insight into the language, culture and how Dutch people think. Reading Dutch magazines will help you learn new vocabulary, increase your reading comprehension, and help you practice your grammar. You can find Dutch magazines such as Quest, Libelle, & Vrij Nederland in stores or online. As you read more often, you’ll identify phrases, idioms, and other common expressions that will help you in your everyday communication.

Tip 2 – Make Dutch-Speaking Friends

Learning a new language can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely process. Making Dutch-speaking friends will expose you to the language and culture, giving you a chance to practice everyday situations. You will also get immediate feedback on your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, hence building your confidence. You can find Dutch-speaking groups or language exchange partners through expat communities, Meetup, or Dutch language schools. Language exchange partners can help you track your progress and motivate you when you feel discouraged.

Tip 3 – Use Language Learning Apps

Language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel and Memrise offer structured lessons that allow you to learn at your own pace. These apps make language learning more engaging by gamifying the process, so you stay motivated to keep learning. They offer a fun and easy way to learn Dutch that can supplement your other language learning strategies. You can use apps during your morning commute or whenever you have a spare moment to practice.