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We use Google Analytics to track website data

Google Analytics can give you a wealth of information about your website, but it takes time to set up. Odyssey Attribution offers a different way. We can extract the raw data from your account, have your account ready in 24 hours, and collect the raw data from your Google Analytics. One of the most exciting parts about Odyssey Attribution is that we can extract your raw data from Google Analytics. This means you don’t need to install any additional tracking to your website; we can collect the raw data for you, readjust your account settings, and make it available in 24 hours. Can Odyssey track more data? Yes it can!


If you want to be able to analyze your customer’s journey, you have to have data. The first step is finding where to collect this data. We recommend looking at the transaction ID, as it is usually the last stop of a customer’s journey and can be seen as a unique per customer journey. The next step is to look at every session before the transactionID. This data helps us identify touchpoints, such as Google Paid Search, Facebook, or an affiliate. Then, we use visitor ID to link sessions. From this data we calculate our insights, such as our incrementality metric.


How is Google Analytics 360 a valuable tool in the marketing industry? Well, it has a feature that allows Odyssey to import data from BigQuery. To be clear, you have to have a BigQuery data set to use this feature. This means that Odyssey can use your current Google Analytics and BigQuery setup as it is now. When using the free version of Google Analytics, call Odyssey for help. We’ll be able to get the data you need without making any changes to your account. After collecting your customer data, your Odyssey analytics team runs daily analyses. The raw data is then deleted after the analysis is complete.