The PSN was attacked by a group of hackers, which caused the final of the FIFA 18 tournament to be played on Xbox One.

The PS4 will have been a huge sales success in this generation, but the PSN, or PlayStation Network, still has a long way to go. Its unreliability affected nothing less than an official FIFA 18 tournament, and players in the PlayStation 4 division had to play the final on none other than Xbox One consoles.

While the final of the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup was being held in the Spanish city of Barcelona this Sunday, the PSN network fell again. This caused great problems to the players of the division of PS4, since the players of the consoles of Sony and Microsoft were separated by means of divisions.

In order to continue the tournament, the PlayStation 4 players had to play the semifinal and final of their divisions on the Xbox One consoles that were available. What’s more, the FIFA 18 tournament final faced the best PS4 player with the best of the Xbox One, and had to be played on the Microsoft console, because PSN was still down. The format of the tournament specified that a game should be played on the Sony console and another on the Xbox, but due to the fall of PSN, both had to be played on Xbox.

In this way the player Donovan Hunt “DhTekKz”, who competed for the division of Xbox One, had an advantage to beat the Argentine Nicolás Villalba “nicolas99fc”, champion of PlayStation 4. The meetings were 3-2 and 6-1 in favor of DhTekKz. The winner took home $ 22,000, and both players won a spot for the next round of the FIFA World Series eWorld Cup. In addition of the guide you need know, the fifa 18 coins you also needed in your account, which can help you to have more better players, and then to have the stronger team to win more games, and to have more fun and enjoy games.