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Three important online marketing options

Marketing is a broad field that offers many options. Not sure what you can do to win more customers online? Check here what is possible with online marketing.

Google Advertising

One way of attracting customers to your website is advertising on Google. It is a profession in its own right. If you want to use this tool to its fullest potential, it is often more effective that you outsource this. Do you want to do it yourself? Then go to a website such as NeilPatel’s where you can gain some insight on the ‘ubersuggest’ page on which keywords you can best advertise with.

Social media advertising

Nowadays, it is difficult to break through on social media. Do you want enough range? Then advertising is often a good option. You also have to do this well. Do you want to do it yourself? One tip in advance: start with a small amount and use multiple variations of an advertisement. At first it’s quite a bit of work to find out what works and what doesn’t. Not fancying doing that? Then there is a good chance that you will lose a lot of money very quickly. It is also important that you put an advertisement on time. If an ad continues to run, you can continue to pay.


Link building can be super interesting. You can choose to write guest blogs on someone else’s website, with the aim of increasing the value of your website for Google, including link: so that people can also find your website. It is also possible that you have a company write articles with a link to your website. Certainly if it is a relevant website and a relevant article, this ensures that Google will also see your website as more valuable.

Journey mapping and the voice of the customer

It is not only about the resources, but also about the correct use of online marketing. For example, with journey mapping and the right voice of the customer you can work on reaching the customer in the right way. It is important in which phase of the sales process someone is and how the customer would like to be addressed online. That can also make a world of difference.