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This is how you make contact with your guides

A Spirit Guide is an energy that is near you during your life. To protect, advise and guide you. Guides are often souls you already know from previous lives. Curious? Find out how to get to know your guides better.

Overarching energy

What is the difference between angels and guides? Angels are light beings who (usually) do not live or have lived on earth. Guides are souls who are not in embodiment at the moment. So that can be both young and old souls. Everyone has one permanent guide and several guides who support you in what you experience in this life, such as: love, work and study. Angels are also there to protect you and provide insights, but they are an overarching energy. You call on angels or ask a specific question, while guides assist you daily. All nice and nice, but who are the guides then? How do you know they are with you? And how do you communicate with them?


Hunches; those are your guides. During meditation or a walk in nature, for example, you are open to messages because of the tranquility you experience. You do not hear a real voice (although that is possible), but suddenly think of something or a certain word catches your eye. Imagine: you have contacted your ex again and you are feeling restless. You cycle through the city and you see the word ‘let go’ on an advertising poster in a tram booth. That’s a message. Don’t push this too far, because your ego wants to see what works out well. If it is an inspiration, you can feel it. You know that at the time.

To communicate

Your guides are there. Always. They communicate with you. Through promptings, dreams or through someone you are talking to. You get the messages that are important to you, but sometimes you are not open to them. If grief makes you less open, try making more tangible contact. Ask your guides for a sign that they are there. They can make their presence tangible by a pinch in your side, a hand on your shoulder, presence in a dream or a breeze of wind through your hair. Feel free to talk to your guides. That can be in mind, but also out loud.

Want to get to know more about your guides?

Aspiritual medium taps into a realm beyond this physical world. Information is received primarily and directly from the dead, spirit guides and angels. They help you get extra guidance from the spiritual world during the challenges that life throws at you. During a medium reading clairvoyantsmake connections with and deliver messages from people who are no longer alive to those who still are.