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Request your UFI number

UFI: Something many people have probably never heard of. UFI is a number, also called UFI number. The UFI number plays an important role when applying for the PCN. PCN stands for Poison Center Notification. UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier. This is a 16-character code used to identify the composition of hazardous substances. These hazardous substances are usually incorporated into a product. Are you curious about the UFI number? Then read on, because in this blog we would like to explain a little more about it. This way you immediately understand a little more about the UFI number.



A UFI number is mandatory, because it is indispensable when applying for a poison center report. This is because poison centers in the past had difficulty determining the composition of a dangerous product in the event of a calamity in which exposure to that dangerous product occurred. To make this process easier, it was decided to work with codes, the UFI number. Please note, because the UFI number is not a replacement identification method, but is always used in combination with other methods of poison centers to identify hazardous substances in a product.



Any company that imports or manufactures products with a composition of hazardous substances can make a UFI number. These companies are then obliged to create a UFI number. Do you want to make a UFI number for a mixture? Then you need two separate numbers. The first is the VAT number and the second is the formulation number of the mixture. Enter these numbers into the generator where you can create the code. The generator will automatically create a unique code for you. You must do this for all products that contain hazardous substances, so you as a company are obliged to do this.