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Information about a three-day detox cure

It is well known that eating healthy is essential, and that a certain amount of detoxification is good for your body. But when you think about it more deeply, it gets more complicated. How much should your body detoxify? How often should it be done? And how exactly should you do it? The answer may surprise you. Juice fast detox cures are discussed in this article. Read more conveniently further in this article about a three-day detox cure.

How to keep it up for three days 

You can successfully complete a 3-day juice fast detox cure if you follow these steps: 1. Set a start date – If you have more time to focus on yourself, you can do this one weekend. You can also do it on a weekday if you have the time and energy to commit to this. 2. Prepare your juice recipes – Preparing your juice recipes is crucial to a successful three-day juice fast. You don’t want to be stressed or make unhealthy decisions when you are hungry or thirsty. The juice recipes are as follows: – Beet and carrot juice – You may make a 50/50 mixture of carrot juice and beet juice. This juice is excellent for your liver and helps you cleanse your system. 3. Fill your refrigerator and cupboards – Juicing is an excellent method to consume more fruits and vegetables, but you should also have other foods available.

The first day of a 3-day juice fast should consist of lots of vegetables, especially those rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, can help boost your immune system. You can start your 3-day juice fast with carrot and spinach juices, broccoli and spinach, or kale and spinach. All of these juices will improve your immune system. You can also consume only beets or carrots.
Your 3-day juice fast should include beets and carrots on day two. These vegetables are high in fiber and can help your body cleanse itself by removing toxins. We discussed beta-carotene in the previous section. It is also found in carrots.
End your 3-day fast with a vibrant fruit juice on day three. Vitamin C-rich fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes and strawberries are excellent choices. As always, you can also add melons, kiwis or watermelon. You can also add protein to your juice if you want to feel satiated before taking another solid meal on the third day. Protein powder can be mixed into juices to get your protein in during the juice fast.

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