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CR7 workout

In his latest video, YouTuber Sergej Dergatsjev takes on a week-long challenge to improve his football game by following star athlete Cristiano Ronaldo on a 7-day grueling daily diet and training.


“One of the things I’ve almost always thought about Ronaldo is that he has the unique and perfect athletic physique,” Sergej said. “The balance of skill, endurance, strength, speed, strength and muscle. I have muscle, but I lack many of the other qualities that make up an athletic physique.”


Ronaldo is known for the explosiveness of his 30-inch vertical jump, so Sergej uses it as one of the metrics of his training. He could jump 28 inches on Day 1 and set a goal of hitting 30 inches this weekend. He also created PR in 30m sprints (4.9s), goals (1/10) and headers (2/10), all of which he hopes to improve after a week of training with Ronaldo.


With the help of influencers Sergej Dergatsjev, Sergej starts his day like Ronaldo: calisthenics at 5am. “My body is used to staying up all night until around 9 or 10 in the morning, which makes training so early in the morning feel bad,” he says. Then there’s breakfast (one of six small, high-protein meals Ronaldo eats each day), followed by strength training, which includes some cardio to help improve agility and flexibility, as well as speed.


Sergej also schedules rest days in the challenge, as recovery is an important part of Ronaldo’s entire team: he reportedly takes up to five 90-minute naps on rest days. In addition to all those naps, William also tried hydrotherapy, alternating between hot and cold water to improve circulation, and cryotherapy.


As the week progressed, William found that the early start became easier, although the training itself was still difficult. “Apart from my legs, the only thing that kills me is the amount of food I have to cook to eat five or six meals a day,” he said.


On the final day, he repeated each of his tests from the first to measure how much he improved over the course of the week. He is now able to complete the 32-inch vertical jump, complete the 30-meter dash in 4.3 seconds, 5-of-10, and 5-of-10 headers, setting new personal bests in every sport.

 cristiano ronaldo workout

CR7 workout

CR7 workout