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Biophilia or the love of nature focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. We all have a connection to the natural world and incorporating this directly or indirectly into the built environment has been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self reported rates of well-being.

Biophilia by office plants

Organisations spend a lot of time, money and effort on a beautiful workspace. But why would you then buy old fashioned plants and conventional plant trays? A waste of your careful constructed image. Stage author Elaine Collinson gives tips for the proper interior landscaping.

Interior Landscaping can give your work environment, showroom or lobby the right atmosphere and appearance. It can make your space also healthier, but it can also damage your image. Have you ever seen a beautiful, luxury reception desk like for instance the one at Lochrin Square Edinburgh, beside which a dopey 80’s plant in a simple pot is positioned? Or plants that there are miserable because they are used by employees to dispose of their mediocre coffee? It really can be done in a different way. Avoid the following situations:

1. Terribly old-fashioned Interior Landscaping

Your corporate identity is developed by an interior designer, your office has been furnished and decorated with taste. This includes no old-fashioned yuccas or dopey kalanchoes. The Interior Landscaping has not stood still. Therefore, take your the time to choose plants and pots this time. Objects that support and strengthen, not weaken your image. Think of luxury pots with mother of pearl, gorgeous paulowniahout or even silver leaf or gold leaf. Within any budget, it is possible with a dazzling combination.

2. Interior Landscaping that burn our after a month

The last thing you want is that the plants are about all burn out less than a month after purchase. Ensure that the plants are not placed in drafty places or places without daylight. If you do this right? You can see new plants in the not too distant future.

3. Rotting plants

Ever seen plants with yellow, limp leaves? High likely that the plants are not properly taken care of and get too much water. In many offices it is not feasible to give a lot of attention to the plants daily yourself. Please bear in mind the degree of maintenance the plants need. If you do not want or have time to maintain them, you can also start looking for a company that offers this service. Some office landscaping companies offer a replacement service in the maintenance contract. So in case of bad or wrong maintenance the plants will be replaced free of charge.

4. Plants that grow out of the pot

Be careful not to purchase small pots. In a small pot, chances are that your plant quickly becomes too large relatively to the pot. In addition, small pots also a small water reservoirs which can mean that the plants will run out of water often. If you are willing and have the discipline to water the plants regularly or to bear the cost in outsourcing, then this is fine. If not, then buy low-maintenance plants and planters.

5. Pests in your plants and pots

Pests in the plants is not hygienic and are no advertising for your company. Go for fresh plants instead of used plants that are patched or from the rental return. 

Sustainable investment

The right combination of Biophilic Design in your office interior will lead to better understand the spatial and human opportunities that exist and will realise more focused results to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Research shows that the right biophilic office fit out Dundee leads to:

  • optimization and organisation of spaces with a human focus
  • thermal comfort levels, air quality, lower toxin levels and ventilation
  • acoustic comfort
  • internal and external views to natural finishes and materials
  • the incorporation of recuperative spaces
  • aesthetic environment with brand recognition
  • positive psychological and physiological effects of the space

In short, Biophilic design an interior landscaping can be wonderful and if done right, it will be sustainable investment in your image and work environment.