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Collected for you 5 hot bestsellers according to Amazon.

“Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About People We Don’t Know” Malcolm Gladwell

New bestseller of the famous Canadian journalist, author of the masterpieces “Geniuses and Outsiders”, “Illumination”, “Tipping Point”, “David and Goliath” and others. In his book, Malcolm Gladwell uses real-life examples to show the sometimes tragic consequences of misunderstanding, condemnation of strangers, and the conviction of one’s righteousness.

The Body: A Guide for Inhabitants by Bill Bryson

The author of this book is best known for his masterpiece “A Brief History of Almost Everything in the World.” In his new book, Bill Bryson reveals all the mysterious and inexplicable secrets of the human body.

“Maybe you should talk to someone” by Laurie Gottlieb

An American psychotherapist and writer talks about the birth of trust between a doctor and a patient, about problems that are difficult to admit even to yourself, about human weaknesses and inner strength. After reading the book, you will learn about what psychotherapy is, why so often patients are not aware of their true problems and do not want to admit the real state of affairs.

“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

A former Marine who served in the elite SEAL Marine Corps, talks about how to overcome all obstacles in life and become the most perfect person you can imagine. The book is an autobiography of the author, in which he shares revelations about his life, about the fears, tragedies and hardships that he had to go through. And also about what helped him to stop being afraid and complain about life and become one of the most powerful people.

“Awesome Habits” by Adam Clear

In his book, James Clear discusses evidence-based strategies for perpetuating good habits and what to do to prevent desired behavior from being just a good intention. The process of acquiring good habits requires not a huge exertion of willpower, but a competent strategy, which everyone can master.

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