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5 top tips for digital nomads

During the pandemic, we experienced how easy it is to work from home. Now that you can travel the world again, now is the time to get started as a digital nomad. If this has always been your dream, now is your chance to work from abroad for a while. And of course you can combine that with making beautiful trips. Because as long as you don’t need a fixed workplace and well-functioning WiFi is the only requirement, almost the whole world is at your feet. All you have to do is figure out what your first destination will be. We give you 5 handy tips!

1. Get started with your finances

Super boring perhaps, but before you just get on a plane you have to get started with your finances. Because life as a digital nomad is not free either. First consider what you are going to do with your home and which fixed costs must be paid each month. Maybe you can rent out your current home temporarily? And do you need all those subscriptions? Make a clear overview of all your income and expenses.

In addition, look for information about what life as a digital nomad costs. This also largely depends on the destination you choose. For example, life in Southeast Asia is a lot cheaper than in Canada or Australia, for example. You can also consider buying cryptocurrency like Cardano, which work with online wallets to make it easy to buy and sell. Before you leave, make sure that you have a well-filled savings account so that you do not have to return home empty-handed if something goes wrong.

2. Choose a destination and create an itinerary

One of the best parts of your anticipation: choosing a destination! Because where are you going in the coming months? In any case, stay in the same place for the first few weeks. This gives you the peace of mind to find your way around, build a new rhythm and get to know other digital nomads. Read about different destinations, so you will discover what appeals to you. Read more on for more information. And if you want to combine work and travel, it is also wise to make a travel plan in advance. What do you want to see and do? Maybe you’ve dreamed of getting your diving license for years. Then choose a location where you can easily dive in between your activities.

3. Think about what you are going to work on

What will you actually do as a digital nomad? Do you now have a job that you can perform remotely? Do you have to take into account an employer or are you your own boss? Think in advance what you are going to work on. Maybe you can do what you are doing now ‘just’ everywhere, but that does not apply to every nomad. In addition, you have to take into account, for example, a different rhythm and time difference. While it may seem tempting to see your digital nomad existence as a fresh start, in practice this can turn out differently. You won’t last long without a plan and savings. It is therefore wise to have a plan to prevent stress.

4. Check the WiFi and workplaces

Fast and stable WiFi is simply a requirement for every digital nomad. Check in advance whether the place you want to travel to has good WiFi. Which is not only fast, but also reliable. Very handy if you don’t lose your way every time during a video call. Also look up what it costs to purchase a SIM card. You are then not completely dependent on the WiFi. In addition, it is smart to find out what attractive workplaces are at your destination. You will also quickly meet other nomads there. On Nomadlist you will find useful and current tips per location.

5. Find a nice place to live temporarily

As a digital nomad you stay in one place for a longer period of time. A hotel room will soon no longer be a convenient and affordable option. Before you leave, find a nice place where you can live temporarily. And think about what your accommodation must meet. For example, do you think it’s okay to live with roommates? Then look for a cozy co-living room. If you prefer to be alone, you can also opt for ‘short term rent’ in many places. Whatever it is: prepare well before departure so that your adventure as a digital nomad starts relaxed!